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Eh... Sorry for being away! Work has been piled up a bit and I had to keep things together. Sweat Drop Emoji However I am answering your messages now and going through some artworks in the next couple of days. Hopefully I can upload a a new drawing till the end of June. Stay tuned~~! winky icon for DA 
red string
"The Red String of Fate, also referred to as the Red String of Marriage, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend. According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger."

- Wikipedia


Mini reflexion:

Whenever I hear about things like fate, destiny, "written in the great book", etc. I always feel like people want a superior motive behind a happening. Of course, we all would like a logical explanation of why things sometimes happen as they do but sometimes the explanation is already within ourselves.
One of the most fascinating and perhaps most romantic metaphors is perhaps the legend of The Red String of Fate and I am sure a lot of people already encountered this definition at least once in their life.
However, I wanted to give this legend a different concept since I do believe that everything we bind to the termini above starts out in our heads. Sometimes we can see the thread clearly in front of our eyes in a fine line and sometimes.... we always oversee it and so it can become tangled with the complex thoughts we are having. I guess, I actually choose Touka as a model for this idea because I think she also has trouble seeing if the thread is there or not - however, she already has a slight idea.

Hnn... Well, I guess that reflexion got a little philosophical this time. Sorry for that! :sweatdrop: revamp v2 I recently started to think about this a lot and yeah... Just some ideas and... I also started to draw noses differently. Hope I will get the hang of it..

As always, thank you for taking a look! Kaori Smile Icon 

Kirishima Touka
of Tokyo Ghoul:re © Ishida Sui
"All art is but dirtying the paper delicately." - John Huskin, The Elements of Drawing


Mini reflexion:

Well... This wasn't really planned for today since I am actually working on something different currently. But while cleaning and unpacking some boxes I found a folder with some papers. Of course, I got confused and curious, so I unwrapped it. It turned out that my old sketches were in it. Some of them I already colored and posted here on dA but I totally forgot about a lot that I never finished.

Top right was my first idea for the contest :iconeverything-kaneki-fc: held last year. The thought behind it was to make an evolutionary ladder of Kaneki's changes throughout his life, starting with him realizing what happened after the organ transplantation. If you look a little closely, you can still see the bent knife in his hand, which he tried to stab himself with. The symbolism would have started with the position changing (from laying to standing up and slowly returning to laying back) while changing flowers. What you see on him are daisies - a common symbol of innocence.

Top middle was the second concept idea for the same contest since the first one would have taken me too much time unfortunately... It would have been a reference to Kaneki's tarot card: The Hanged Man. As you see, I tried to make him look very confident and dramatic yet frightening. There would have been a second piece to it with Haise as The Chariot. They would have stared each other in the eye. I stopped this one as well, since I wasn't at all happy with Kaneki's anatomy.

Top left was just a simple scribble. I was somewhat bored on a weekend and wanted to draw Kaneki in a towel. He just got out of the shower and is getting ready to get out. As you can see, I added also little comments..... :lmao: He just looked too much like a bishounen to me and yeah....

Bottom right was part of a huge project I started last year! The title was 'The Battle Suit' it basically told in a yonkoma (4-strip comic) about Tsukiyama designing Kaneki's battlesuit. As you can see, we are at the first part, in wich Tsukiyama is sketching his ideas. Of course, he needs unique and fashionable references. :giggle: Gottchen! Whenever I look at this pic it really gets me how much effort he must have put in the design of that suit...*fans herself*

Bottom left is the second part in the above mentioned project. Tsukiyama is taking Kaneki's measurements and Kaneki seems a bit uncomfortable. So what happens? Of course a little teasing which triggers some tension. Careful with your words, Shuu-kun!

So, yeah, I hope you guys actually like this! Please share your thoughts which sketch you liked the most! :aww:

Tsukiyama Shuu and Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul © Ishida Sui
paper texture © :icondioma:
Belesenheit, die (ger.) - wide reading

belesen sein (ger.) - to be wide read;
refers to a person who reads a lot and has due to that an immense knowledge about the world; sometimes used as a pejorative


Mini reflexion:

I have been recently playing Diabolik Lovers on my computer. The first game was rather nice but the second one (More Blood) has been way more enjoyable, especially because of the Mukami brothers. I have to tell you, I'm not that much into love and romance in games but since you had here a lot of dark themes (rape, incest, physical and mental abuse, etc.) it made the play-through sometimes very shocking.
Out of all the characters, I think Ruki was the only one I had an intense catharsis with. Highlighting his love for reading in the first place. I did plan to draw him however I felt like adding more functions to this task.... and since I recently have been picking up books like candy, why not make him a bookmark?
I'm not quit sure if I managed to give him that truly dark yet intelligent appearance I liked about him but hopefully you guys enjoy it at least. :aww:

Btw, I added a preview pic of the actual bookmark. Sorry.... my fingers are showing... The book you see is The Anatomy of Disgust by Wiliam Ian Miller.

Mukami Ruki of Diabolik Lovers - More Blood © Rejet
killing sense of humor
"I get high and I love to get low,
So the hearts keep breaking and the heads just roll
You know....... that's how the story goes."

Elle King - Xs and Os


Mini reflexion:

Firstly.... I'm very sorry for being absent for so long! There have been a lot of things happening around and with me, so to sum it up:
I changed my job and also moved out from my last apartment.
It has been a rough year but I finally feel like I'm settling down now. Unfortunately, due to my new job I won't have as much free-time as I used to have.... but it's still better than nothing, I guess. :aww:

Secondly, I also managed to catch up with TG:re and I have to say.... this guy above got my attention nicely. Furuta-kun always reminds me of a crazy character right out of a horror movie -be it a cheap one or a pretty composed one (especially thanks to the chainsaw I always think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre). So, in honor of his plot twisting ability, I decided to give him some love in the form of art. ^_^;

I hope you guys enjoy this kind of twisted style I tried.
As always, thank you for looking! <3

Furuta Nimura of Tokyo Ghoul:re © Ishida Sui
Hi minna-san!

I am sorry for being absent for some time now!
I am having a little trouble at the moment since I managed to break my right hand during boxing practice... Sweating a little...
Basically, I am writing this journal with my left one so please forgive the shortness of this journal! 

The doctor said that it will most likely take two-three more weeks till my hand is fully recovered.... so until then no drawing, typing, whatsoever for me..... I'm sorry for being so inactive because of it and not answering your comments! I will slowly start to be more active over the weekend and try to respond to you!

Hope you all are doing well!

P.S.: DARELY-the-amateur I'm so sorry.... but your present will take some more time..... :sigh: 


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